QuickBooks Team


Thanks for choosing QuickBooks Self-Employed as your accounting system, Aitch.


We don't want you to feel upset on your first few days of using our system. I'm here to help you with entering the transactions.


The better way to enter batch transactions is to connect your financial institution. This way, they are added automatically and we can avoid the errors that can occur with the manual data entry.


Since you don't want to connect your bank, you can continue importing the transaction using the CSV file. Though, we also need to make sure all information is correct especially the dates.


If you choose to link your bank account to the system, it's not necessary to log in everyday since transactions are automatically downloaded. You can view them on the Transactions page. But in your case, it'd be best to log in everyday to enter the transactions. 


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We're just here if you need our help. Just leave a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.