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Let me share some information about the categories that are showing under travel expenses. 


QuickBooks Self-Employed uses the Simplified Expenses (with flat rates) method to calculate the allowable business expenses for your car, van, or motorcycle. The rate will depend on the mileage you drive.


Using this method, you're unable to claim vehicle insurance, repairs, and servicing, or fuel costs. You can declare all other travel expenses in addition to your simplified expense amount. 


You'll categorize a transaction as travel expense when it's your train, bus, air, and taxi fares, as well as lodging and food costs while traveling overnight. Then, car/van expense if it's vehicle expenses like insurance, repairs, servicing, fuel, and parking. For more information, review this article: About Car, Van, and Travel Expenses.


The expenses that can be tagged as allowable are deducted from your taxable profit under the SA103F categories. However, disallowable expenses are transactions that can't be deducted from your business income. For more details, you can check out these helpful articles:


You can also consult your accountant if you need professional advice in categorising transactions.


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