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When I run a profit and loss report I see income from invoices and sales , I only use invoices . However the sales figure includes unpaid invoices if using cash report?



Hello @mark-woodward,


You're on the right track. Let me help share information which can be the reason why your profit and loss in cash report displays your unpaid invoices.


When your profit and loss in cash report, invoices on the said report has been linked to a payment. These invoices can be based on the following statuses:

  • Closed - paid with the full amount
  • Partial - paid with part of the full amount but still open

With this, let's open the Transaction Detail view of your Profit and Loss report for the sales income account to review the said invoices. You can do so by clicking the amount of the said account in your profit and loss in cash report.


Additionally, I've got you this helpful article for the steps to get a better view of your business's financial status: Run a Profit and Loss report by bank account in QuickBooks Online.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know in the comments below. Stay safe!