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I’ve connected my HSBC to my self employment QuickBooks app but I can’t connect my QuickBooks to HSBC to set up transactions to say an invoice has been paid? Thanks



Welcome and thanks for visiting the Community, @jennydstudio-gma.


Since you've successfully connected your HSBC to your QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE), the browser you're using for your QuickBooks Online (QBO) may be already full of some frequently accessed page (cache and cookies).


To fix this odd behavior, try signing into your QBO using a private browser (incognito). Here's how:


  • Press Ctrl Shift (Google Chrome).
  • Ctrl Shift (Firefox).
  • Control Option (Safari).


Once logged in, try to connect your bank again to double-check.


If it's successful, return to your default browser and perform a clear cache to refresh the system. However, if the issue persists, try using other supported browsers.


Please let me know if you have any other concerns or issues in the comment section below. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you. I'll be here to help. Have an amazing rest of the day!

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Hello thank you. 

I can log into QuickBooks Self employment on my laptop but it doesn’t recognise me logged in, and keeps asking for bank details for payment which I’m already paying for. I have a invoice that has been paid but it’s not showing it’s been paid? I want to do this manually but there is no option for me to do this, and when I try and set up transactions it asks me to sign into my bank through QuickBooks self employment app but it won’t take my username? 



Thanks for getting back to us, @jennydstudio-gma,


If you're still unable to successfully log in, I recommend reporting this to our Support Team this time. They will create a ticket for this problem and escalate it to our engineers for thorough review. To get our support, check out this link: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support


In the meantime, access your account temporarily on a supported browser while we're looking into this. You can also use a private window and see if the login issue persists there.


Regarding the option to apply payments to QuickBooks Self-Employed invoices, there are two ways to do it. First, you can sign up to a Payments account to receive online payments from customers and automate the entry in the program through online banking. See this link to learn more about this feature: Online Payments UK


Secondly, you may enter them manually by adding a payment transaction in QBSE. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Transaction menu and select Add Transaction.
  2. Enter the amount and a description.
  3. Select the Select a category menu. Select the best category to organise your transaction. Learn more about categories.
  4. If you have a receipt, you can drag and drop it onto the form.
  5. When you’re done, select Save.

For the steps when using mobile apps, see this link for reference: Manually add transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed


Please note that invoices in QBSE will not reflect a watermark indicating it is paid. That preference is available in QuickBooks Online only. This is because the invoicing feature in self-employed doesn't include the option to receive a payment, which is why you need to record customer deposits manually.


Let me know if you have further questions about this or have other concerns with the program. I'll be more than happy to help. All the best!

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thank you for your replies but I can do anything in transactions because it wouldn’t connect to HSBC. I can’t use a desktop either because I don’t get that choice as it’s just an QuickBooks Self Employment app I’ve got. I’ve tried going on the the online site but I can’t get anywhere with it. 

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for the clarification and prompt reply, @jennydstudio-gma.


I’d like to help and get you back in the right track. To isolate this issue, we’ll need to look into your account and find the root cause of this.


That being said, I suggest reaching out to our Support Team. They have the proper tools to securely check your account and investigate this further. Here’s how to reach them from your QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) mobile app:


  1. Tap + button on the dashboard. 
  2. Select Ask QB Assistant.
  3. Ask general questions like “How much have I made this year?”.

You can also refer to this article for more details: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support


I’d also recommend accessing your account through a regular web browser. I can imagine how inconvenient this is for you, but, it’s the best workaround we can do to keep you in working order. Once you’re able to log in via a regular browser, you can follow the steps provided by my colleague Jen_D above.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns in regards to your QBSE account. I’ll be around to back you up. Keep safe and take care!