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QBO Payroll, TSheets, and Profit & Loss by Client

I use TSheets for time tracking and it is integrated with QBO.  The weekly timesheets for my employees come over perfectly with each entry by client and billable, etc.  When I run payroll through QBO Payroll all the time is lumped into one total and not by client.  This is making all my payroll expenses post to an "unspecified" client and the P&L by client is of worthless.  I can't see where to make edits when processing payroll to separate hours by client like they are on the QBO Weekly Timesheets.  This is really frustrating because I don't always charge time and materials and want to know if I priced my monthly accounting services correctly for a client and now I can't find any report to show me......I am so frustrated.  QBO Payroll help chat told me it was a TSheets problem and TSheets help said it's a QBO Payroll problem....About to break up with them all and go back to paper and a ledger since that would be what I have to do to get the reports I need anyway....GAH

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"QBO Payroll help chat told me it was a TSheets problem and TSheets help said it's a QBO Payroll problem."


This sounds too familiar. They both should have known this issue by now.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online (QBO) doesn't handle payroll by customer/project at this time. Even if you've just QuickBooks Payroll, it will still post directly to general ledger accounts. Currently, there is no option in QBO Payroll to auto-populate the wages by Customer/Project as they have in QB desktop (Payroll Item List/Service code). In other words, there is no way to post hours worked or labor cost by customers/projects in QBO (either through QBO Payroll or TSheets app) at this time.


(Also, I have not heard of any new feature updates coming on this known issue, sorry!)


Just last week, one other QBO user also posted the same question. You can check out this link if interested: