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How to "record payment" in the VAT Taxes section without creating a duplicate transaction?

The bank payment to HMRC and VAT suspense account posting is already in QBO from an earlier bank download.


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You can record the VAT payment, then find a match in the Banking page for the downloaded transaction to avoid duplication.


To find a match, here's how:

  1. Click Banking in the left menu, then go to the Banking tab.
  2. Go to the For Review tab.
  3. Locate the VAT payment.
  4. Click the Find Match button.
  5. Then, select the possible transactions that match the payment.
  6. Hit Save.

For more information, please check out below articles: 

However, if you're unable to find a match, then you can exclude the downloaded bank transaction in the banking page. 


If you have any questions or additional clarifications, let me know. I’m here to help. Have a good one!

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Hi Miriam,

The problem is that I had already "added" the VAT payment transaction from the banking feed page. So the transaction is now in my books - in the bank account as a VAT payment to the HMRC and also recorded in the VAT suspense account.    This seems to be all proper. However when I go to the Taxes section for VAT the system wants me to "Record a Payment" - otherwise I cannot do anything within the Taxes area (start a new VAT year or whatever.).   If I choose to "record a payment" in the Taxes area, it creates a new transaction and duplicates the one that is already there.     Do I need to go back to the transaction I added from the bank feed and delete it and start all over again? 



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I appreciate you coming back to us for additional support, steve-leyland. Allow me to join this thread to add more insight about recording your VAT payment in QuickBooks Online. 


To make sure it won't duplicate with the ones that are added in your books, I'd recommend you undo the transactions from your bank feeds. Here's how: 


  1. In the Banking page, go to the Reviewed tab. 
  2. Locate and select the box for the tax payment you've added. 
  3. Select Undo under the Action column. 

Once undone, you can now go back to the Taxes page and record the VAT payment. Then, follow the steps provided by my peer @MirriamM to match the transaction from your bank feeds. 


For future reference, here's a great article you can refer to in managing your VAT returns: Submit A VAT return in QuickBooks


Feel free to visit again if you have additional questions. I'm always delighted to help you some more. 

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