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Re: QB Community "Rules of the Road": Welcome Video, Discussion Guidelines and More

I just wanted to give an introduction and say hello to the Community leaders.  I have read over the guidelines and read over each of your bio's and I am impressed with the team that you have pulled together to help those of us starting new businesses.  


I recently completed my Certified Pro Advisor status and I am working to build my sole proprietorship CPA firm, Lindy Kinney, CPA, which I am basically starting at ground zero.  I am having a logo and website developed as we speak.   I have been doing other consulting work up to this point, which has not need the services of QuickBooks or the ProConnect services.  However,  I am working in a bedroom community that has about 10-15K new homes being established with only 2 brick and mortar CPA firms and 2 tax processors H&R Block and Liberty Tax.  Therefore, I know there is a tremendous opportunity if I can set up my practice quickly and be ready for the 2018-2019 tax filing season.  I am also going to work on Marketing to bring in the bookkeeping and accounting clients to utilize the QuickBooks Online, which is where I could use the help of the Community of how to source and find the leads to build these clients outside of Networking, cold calls, social media,  SBA, etc.


I look forward to interacting and possibly talking with each of you if the opportunity exists.


Thanks again for your services and efforts to create a community that exists to help entrepreneurial-minded business owners like me build their dream of being independent and working as creatively for themselves, even if the hours seem longer, the commitment is worth it.