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Hello Jo!


It would depend on how you handle deposits at the end of the night. Do you go straight to the bank and deposit the cash or do you keep it as petty cash and use it for misc bills? Is sales tax in addition to the amounts  included in either total debit/credit or cash or is it included in the totals and just broken out for informational purposes? Do you handle your inventory in QB? Have you set up sales tax so the system calculates it or do you do it manually? There are many, many different scenarios and therefore different ways to record this. 


This article I found very helpful in explaining it.


However, I am going to assume the following to give you a quick example how I would do it. 


-For Feb 1: Credit Sales of $1500, Debit Sales of $2500,  Cash Sales of $1000, Tips equal $500, Sale Tax is $100.

-Credit and Debit transactions are deposited into your account as one amount

-Sales tax (8%) is already included in the totals and just broken out for your information. (Since Sales Tax is 8% and you owe $100 of sales tax, 100/.08=$1250 taxable sales. Lets assume all the taxable sales were paid for by Card and you sales tax tracking turned on)

-All cash remaining after paying out the tips are deposited into the same bank account. 


1. Go to the plus icon on the top right and add a new Sales Receipt. Create the customer "Daily Sales Summary" (or Weekly/Monthly depending on how often you want to do it.) I would recommmend doing one for cash and one for the cards so that the amounts match the actual deposits into your account.


2. For the 1st Sales Receipt, lets do cards. Deposit into Undeposted funds and then when the funds are acutally deposited into your account, you can match sales receipt with the deposit from the processor. 

Item:  Taxable Sales            1250                        *Makes sure this is set up as a taxable item

           Non-Taxable Sales    2750

           Debitcard Payments          (1500)

          Creditcard Payment            (2500)


3. For the 2nd Sales Receipt to record Cash, deposit to undeposited funds as well.

           Non-Taxable Sales    1000          

           Cash Payment                      (1000)


4. Later you should deposit $500 cash into your bank account (the $1000 minus the $500 you gave out to your employees for tips) and your card processor should deposit $4000 into your bank account. At this time, go to the plus sign in the upper right corner. Then click on Bank Deposits. Check the box of the debit/credit transactions and hit save.


5. Create another Bank Deposits and check the box for the cash payment. At the bottom of the deposit screen, there is a box that sasy "Cash Back Goes To" Select your petty cash account. In the memo you can put cash paid for tips on 2/1 or whatever. Cash back amount is $500. This should make the deposit $500 and the remaining $500 is recorded as kept in your petty cash account. Hit Save. 


6. Last step is to go the petty cash register and record an expense for the tips. 


When you look at the bank feed, the deposits should match :) 


I hope this helps!! Please feel free to update me with the answers to my questions if you still need help. Hopefully I did not confuse you more!


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