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Re: Hector Garcia Says: “Five Questions You Should Not Ask Your Accountant”

Hector (@hectorgarciacpa),


This is fantastic insight. Thank you. I think the characteristic you are talking about is ubiquitous across industries - there are just some folks who aren't genuine or out to do the right thing by others. They're driven by the bottom line, cold facts. Avoid them. 


To your point, the high-level conversations you are encouraging others to have should be done after the usual accounting process is done. It's the natural "next step" of the conversation you should be having with your accountant/bookkeeper if you lean on them to look beyond the numbers.


"To challenge folks to think with an Advisory hat... " Absolutely! Again, relevant and applicable to any industry. Being able to ask the "what" and "why" and challenging yourself and others with those questions to think productively sounds simple, but it's a highly valued talent. Such a perspective lets you see the whole picture, not just a narrow perspective - not the parts, but the whole.