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HI there and thank you for your reply.  I have a client that is opening a small cafe.  I use QB Entreprise Solutions for his whole sale bakey business (I do the books for his Dad and he uses Entreprise Solutions so that is why I do so for his son).  And now he is taking the next step to open his own place.  My client is using Square at the Cafe.  I spoke with the contact over at Square and he told me that his interface is with QBO which I really do not like for many resaon.  :)  So I want to continue with QB Entreprise Solutions.  The Square contact told me about using Square + commercesync to interface with QB.  Do you have experience with this?  Also I have not done books for a restaurant before and I am really not sure how much time it takes to do so each week.  Is it a daily time, every couple of days,, once a week?  Is it hours each time?  I want to be able to quote the client for work but not sure where to start.  

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