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One of the reasons I do not take on clients, though I have been asked many times, is the liability issue. I asked some time ago of all the consultants over on the L&S community how many carried liability insurance to cover any law suits. The silence was deafening, most never thought of it. When I checked the cost, that helped me decide, no clients. (think doctors and malpractice ins)

When TX had destination based sales tax it was a nightmare in desktop. I used sales tax groups and that helped but since sales tax groups has a bug (12 years old that I know of personally) that also causes problems. And sales tax reporting in desktop is inadequate too, it is ludicrous in QBO. Now with the auto sales tax, sales tax reporting is a total unknown - you can not even see the data driving the report. And of course when they ported over the code from desktop to QBO they included the sales tax group bug, renamed to combined sales tax in QBO.


Thank god destination sales tax is gone from TX.


And yes, intuit is aware of the sales tax group bug, their solution, manually make an adjustment as needed

Desktop sales tax reporting is just wrong by the way. In a test file, set up an other charge item for a deposit and link it to a current liability account, set it to non tax. Sell that item on a sales receipt for a large sum. Run your sales tax liability report for this month - see that deposit sitting in non taxable sales? One of many issues in sales tax reporting

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