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This is true. But I wouldn't be so quick to jump the gun just yet. eBay and other eCommerce sites are still fighting for the small business people. Our company went to the hill to lobby against the sales tax bill being passed even though we knew it was ineveitable. 


But I do know that if you file for a sales tax permit in any state that it helps you if you are a reseller. But it hurts you as well. Because by law you are now set up and required to collect sales tax in that same state. So it something to think over before rushing into.


We are a small business and this was not good news for us. We are hoping that the government will drag it's feet on this. But it looks like it will be a short 2-4 years before it's implemented. I do hope they work out something fair for the small business owner. Or you are right, we all might as well be on the Titanic. I am trying to remain hopeful and positive while doing due diligince.

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