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Re: Pdf Conversion to QBO

I have a lot of clients who for one reason or another don't link their bank accounts and can't seem to download a csv file.  That or the banks/cc companies don't have it as an option.  Thus, I too am often stuck with .pdfs to somehow convert.  Most of the apps just don't work right for one reason or another (although I do use csv2qbo for desktop clients A LOT!)


Since, I know a few developer friends, I have had them create a script that takes a .txt file (see below) and converts it to a csv.  Since the statement has a lot of text that isn't necessary, I open the text file and delete that information.  The script works good for formatting and recognizes dates and spacing in order to efficiently separate items into correct columns.  I then open the csv and edit it some as it does occasionally miss things.  But I am also updating the script as I find things.  It works wonderfully for Bank of America Statements.  And MOST DEF better than converting to Word.


If anyone is interested in knowing more let me know.  I could possibly have this created on the web and modified for each banks specific statements.  Right now I just run it from my desktop.

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