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Re: Advanced ProAdvisor Certification to be Discontinued

I became Desktop Advanced certified when the program first came out. I believe in 2006. At that time we were told that you had to attend 2 seminars & there would be no further testing ever to maintain the certification. Boy had this changed over the years.


The test was a real PIA. As Lynda state some of the answers in the answer key were wrong. 


Over the years the maintaining the cert. became more prohibitive. Having to attend webinars in the middle of the day. That caused some of us give up a work day. Just to get the CPE  credit. That and having to pay for other courses, in my opinion, forced the certification to deminish. 


I worked long & hard to achieve & maintain that certification. I’m not happy it is disappearing. It made us who achieved it to stand out above the regular ProAdvisors.


Intuit needs to bring it back & figure out how it can be maintained where we are not giving up work day or having to pay for classes.