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Resale and non-inventory items

I use quickbooks premier manufacturing and qhoolesale.


I have a couple different things I use items for.


I sell insurance. I get paid commission. I use items as non-inventory. I name the item whatever type of insurance product it is. A sale goes into receivables and I receive payment. It seems to wok great. I could also set the items up as service items but it seems like non-inventory is best. Any suggestions??


Also I receive income for ads for my business, ex. google adsense pays me.  I named the item ad income. Should this item be a non-inventory item again or a service item?? Seems like the only 2 choices.


Also I receive some licensing income. Here I named the item license income but again should the item be a non-inventory item or a service item??


These 2 items seem like the only 2 choices.


Thanks for any input.