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Bulk Close of Purchase Orders - QBO

Using Quickbooks Online - I work for a small family business, where my mother had been the sole office worker for about 15 years before I came to work in 2017 - I'm a bit more technically savvy and have learned and taught her a lot of little things about the program she didn't know before. Part of my job now requires cleaning up a few details that were overlooked over the years. 


One of these details is the closing of purchase orders. All of these purchase orders have been received and bills and expenses were manually entered for accounting without associating the PO to the bill, and there are literally thousands of POs open, the majority of which with one vendor. We now have a problem when we go to enter in a new bill for that vendor that we have to wait 2-3 minutes each bill for the screen to begin working as it seems to be pulling in all the "Add to Bill" data that pops up on the side. 


I have been working to manually close these open purchase orders, but I've been working on it for weeks and have barely made a dent. Is there any way to select a range of POs based on date or number and mark them all closed at once? A batch close? Anything to make this process easier. 


We have gotten the process down for new purchase orders and bills - we just need to clean up the past. 

Thank you. 

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