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Bundles, Discounts, and Price Rules

I have several items that we are setting up as bundles, for example lamps and lamp shades. They are different inventory items, and both have a cost. Lamps come with a free shade on purchase, but the shades can be sold separately as well in case they need a replacement later. In order to take both out of inventory and remind our warehouse crew that they need to grab both, we have an additional inventory group item. It's currently set up like this:

Lamp Base


Shade Discount


The shade discount removes the cost of the shade, but I had to type in the specific value of the shade to nullify it.


Here's where things get complicated. So we have multiple price levels set up in the price rule list. Which means that the shade costs a different price at every level.


Is there a way that I can change the discounts at every level? They're not showing up in the price rule lists.

Is there a different way that I can change the discounts to remove the cost of a specific item when bought as a group?


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