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Re: Advice - Managing a remote client w/ paper bills, approvals to pay

Thanks folks. 


I'm not worried about double entry on vendor invoices, between invoice numbers, cloud attached invoices for QBO and just being careful it should be OK. I am hiring an assistant to do a lot of the AP and that is a new area for me so the possibility exists but she's trained in QB so its probably not a problem.


This is a new client and the main business was sold off including the building and the owners are going to attempt they say to handle  some of the AP and AR tasks for the remaining business with my leadership with all of us in different locations. I have supported a business remotely, but the invoices were all emailed to me or loaded on a cloud by a tech savvy and motivated owner & his large company team. These owners I've not worked with and they are used to an accounting staff doing everything. I'm wondering if they are really going to scan papers reliably and review A/P email invoices in a timely manner. I have input from the exiting accounting staff that they are nice and business savvy but tend to not be great on staying on top of tasks and deadlines. That part obviously is not a technical question mark but more of a operational potential issue. 


I was curious if there was some best practice process anyone had success with who has done this sort of thing for years.  I have come up with two options and presented them with the caveat that we will tweak going forward.


I will have to look at the QB apps mentioned and see if they might work for approvals and streamlining that operation. Unfortunately a couple things I have tried that claimed to integrate into QB were a bit of disaster IMHO and caused huge issues that took hours to repair, so I'm not jumping in without a lot of due diligence. 


This forum seems quite sleepy. I appreciate your time making a response, but is there another forum that is more active anyone recommends?