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@Dirkdaddy:  I think the problem with your initial question is the category it is under. The 
Do more with QuickBooks category gets more interest than talk about your business category.


I don't use that bill dot com app for a couple of reasons:  

  • price of the app
  • It is what I call a 'dead' app.  The developers just leave it out there.

I use hubdoc for my companies that I have full service bookkeeping for.  I have the client use it's app and any bills that cannot come in via email (mailed in) I have the client upload via the app.  It is super-easy.  For the vendors that have email billing, I have them sent to the unique hubdoc address directly.   Then I code the bills once.  As they stream into hubdoc, they feed (by my coding) to QBO.  The beauty of this is no data entry.  


and the corresponding blog post.  Hope that will help you.  The app is inexpensive $20/mo.  And one of my all time favs!



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