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Reasonable Compensation

Hi Everyone,

I have never posted here before, so hopefully I have done this correctly and in the right area. I have started a new S corp in August. Since it is newly formed I don't believe I will have profits yet for the year. So my question is, do I have to pay myself an reasonable salary? Other research I have done makes it sound like in the beginning you do not have to especially when there are no profits yet. However, I have taken a few small distributions (less than $500) to pay my tithes from the small income I did have initially before I had higher expenses from buying equipment. I am concerned that those distributions will put up a red flag since I took those, but did not pay myself a salary. I'm wondering if I need to pay myself one in December, and then I could take those funds and put them back into the S corp as I don't want to pull money from it right now. Or if I would be ok to just not take a salary. Opinions please!


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