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Re: YouTube is the new Business Card...

If I specialized in women's clothing, I would create videos about that combined with the accounting/value-add element of my practice.  I would also immediatelly ask why you dont have a YouTube channel (or other video library) of the products you sell, how they function (assuming thery have some unique feature), etc...


Videos are abstract.. they are not just for showing off your speaking slyte, they can be used for all sort of things.  A small business making YouTube videos can combine the best of TV Advertising (spots), Infomercials, and Industry Though Leadership (and this can be entertaiment ot not.. my videos are certainly NOT entertaining)


As a matter of fact, I am so bullish on this concept; that when my clients ask for my input in a new business idea or business model, the first thing thatgoes through my head is "What would this YouTube Channel look like?"  And that starts many conversations about branding, image, what is the Unique Value Proposition / Differentiator, target customer, how the value needs to be communicated, etc...  <- Certainly not what a typical accountant does, sounds like "marketing" really... but there is nothing wrong with that?