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Re: YouTube is the new Business Card...

While I was reseaching the stats, I read several articles on making a utube professional look video.  Since you do that habitually, how much time does it take, from start to publication of the video?  Articles talk script writing, videoing, retakes, editing, dubing, etc


If I specialized in women's clothing, I would create videos about that combined with the accounting/value-add element of my practice


If I am the client, why would I care about my video highlighting your accounting practice?  I asked about your advice to me as a client who sold new and consigned womens clothing.


And let's add prep time to my ? about making the video, I either have to dress a manequin or have a model to show the item(s).


How much time, approximately, will it take to make one utube video?  How long would the video you suggest I make be?  That is going to determine how many articles I can show.  


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