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Re: YouTube is the new Business Card...

there is a fine line between being salesy and informational... I hard NOT to be salesy, because producing videos is a big investment in time, equipment/software, labor, outsoured production, etc... and we want to see RESULTS translated into new cutomers right away.... but make sure you have a sound, if you want to build an audience or fan-base, you may need to put the sales-pitch aside for a a few months (or years) so people SUBSCRIBE to your channel; they may not buy right away, because you are not selling, but you build a loyal audience...  


If you lay the sale pitch right away, you may get a few more immediate leads, but may not grow the channel as fast...  


I did that for 4 years (no sales pitch) and now I have a little more clout to be able to monetize in different ways because I have 20k subscribers (that is not a lot, but is a lot more than other youtubers in this space)


So consider your strategy, but ALWAYS let the people know WHAT is it that you do for a living, so they know you are for hire.