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Hello operations-garet,


Welcome and thanks for joining us! Working with an accountant is great for making sure you're managing your books the way you need to so everything lines up come tax time. It sounds like you've done your homework about adding an accountant user, and I can clarify why you're not seeing the options you've come across.


QuickBooks Self-Employed is a single-user software and the Canadian version of the program doesn't include the ability to add an accountant user. The instructions you've come across were likely for QuickBooks Online, which does have a My Accountant tab and Manage Users area.


At this time, I recommend speaking with your accountant to work out the best way to get them the information they need to help you with your books. It could be that you print  or export reports and transactions for them to review and advise you on. Here are a couple of articles that could help with those things.

I recommend leaving feedback for the QuickBooks Self-Employed product development team to share about how you'd like to work with an accountant user in product. All you need to do is click the QB Assistant tool, then type and enter "Feedback." Follow the prompts that come up to let us know what you think.


If working with an accountant is something you'd like to take advantage of right away, you can consider switching to QuickBooks Online. You can learn more about the making the switch here: Switch from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online


If you join us in using QuickBooks Online, simply use the steps you found in the other articles to add your accountant as a user.


I hope that helps! Have a great week. :)