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How to correct an entry


I entered a bill last year in the amount of $499.95. I saw that it is still in Pay Bills (but for the amount of $426.15) so started researching (better late than never!). I find I did pay the bill by using the Write Check feature and gave it a unique number. Now I want to delete the bill in Pay Bills but it says I paid the bill and deleting it will cause the payments to be un-applied. My guess is I bypassed the Pay Bills feature when I paid the bill (it's automatically deducted from our checking account so I have a Point of Sale system where I give these charges unique numbers) and it's still hanging out there. I just checked the history and see that I used the $499.95 to pay down our monthly charges of $36.90 x 2 thus reducing the amount to $426.15. How do I fix this? I gave the $36.90 charges unique POS numbers also. 

Thank you!


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