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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious and unnecessary way to bilk users out of more money.

I actually think 250 accounts is more than enough for a small business. For most businesses.. if it only counted those.. The main issue I think is that while Intuit seeks additional income from this it has not been able to increase functionality for larger companies.. smaller too really. I see no reason for them to have made job costing into the pain they have. Why can't those just be added via the same way as Desktop. This makes it more difficult for credit card receipt tracking to have desktop track job costing in one way and online version track it in another way. I feel that if Intuit wants to raise its income.. it should actually build a better program for larger companies and leave alone the systems they have in place today, keeping to the "unlimited" claims they have always touted. It feels like false advertisement.. like a lead in that they most likely knew was coming.. this of course after they have worked hard to get all types and sizes of companies to move to QBO in the first place. Why not just add desktop quality to QBO.. or better yet.. sell the desktop and work on providing a good , reasonable priced hosting system. I know they have "partners" that host desktop QBO but so what right? I mean they have worked hard to get Certified ProAdvisors and they are starting their own type of bookkeeping business too. It will be on a smaller scale I feel certain and often with less skilled assistants. They are seeking to muck with those that have built them up over the years.. but they won't muck with those that host by making their own hosting system? Intuit, there has to be a better way with a better quality of features. Having it easier to access from anyplace, at anytime.. while still having the same quality of features desktop has. Is it perhaps only that you can back desktop up and you can't QBO? That's another issue that prevents many from using QBO. Suppose they close their business but want a back up.. the only way to do that is to print or pdf everything and save it. You must do that too because after a year of closing it, Intuit "deletes" your company and if you ever must have the records you in a world of trouble them. The books belong to the customer, not to Intuit, they should be able to take a backup and save that to disk so at least if the need ever arose they could purchase another copy of QBO for say an audit.. or whatever the need may be. Let's work on making this work for business.. not just as a source of income for you, Intuit. These are people's lives we're dealing with here.. their incomes.. their means of taking care of themselves and their family. It should not be treated flippantly. They better you treat the customer, the more excellent features you give.. those are the things that will earn you loyalty and happy customers.