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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious and unnecessary way to bilk users out of more money.

I have never even tried to use projects on QBO but I don't doubt QB Desktop was better as it is for many things. I'm probably the odd man out on most of these discussions since I am truthfully not a big fan of QB any version. I did accounting for two decades before I ever even saw QB and started using it for my own consulting business. I worked in the Govt contractor industry for 20 years where project cost accounting is required and QB is foreign. So from my view, no QB system even counts as a real project cost accounting system for me for so many reasons. I used it for my own small business but would never recommend any QB for my clients who are Govt contractors. Real project cost accounting not only accumulates direct project cost, but allocates indirect cost to each project. Without doing that, you really don't see the true total cost of each project to determine if it is profitable or not so to me is pointless. Since many small businesses start on QB and my consulting biz teaches them to meet all the requirements to be awarded Govt contracts and pass audits, I see alot of QB since we have to clean-up books before converting to a real project cost accounting system so they can pass DCAA accounting system audits.