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First, I want to address your comment about the exportation of data. I fell Intuit deliberately places limits on what it can export. It's as simple as corporate economics. When one goes to get an MBA in most cases the first day you are told the function of a CEO...To maximize profits for shareholders. Intuit is currently selling at around $305/share. Their shareholders are happy and in the corporate world that is golden. You can see this in the fact you are limited in the size of excel exports and the fact they bought Chronobooks Backup and then made it only available for QBO Advanced users. They are deliberately trying to funnel people to the higher cost version. It's a shrewd business move when you think about the purpose of a corporation.

Second, When Intuit says they back up our data in the cloud, it means they back THEIR servers up. They don't provide a full then incremental back-ups, which is what we want. They simply back up their servers so if there is a catastrophic failure they can restore their systems.

This all sucks for us. I doubt we will ever see back-up for all QBO users or unlimited exports of data. It's doesn't provide an immediate boost to their bottom line. They are not worried about their customer base. They are THE go-to in the SMB accounting market. Sure there is Zero and Wave but when a small business starts out or decides to get into a true business accounting program the first name that pops in mind is QuickBooks...and Intuit knows it and takes full advantage of it.

That's my take on it.

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