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   Thank you for your reply, but I don't think you understand the problem. The inventory adjustments themselves are fine. It's just that when I view a report, it shows each adjustment three times with positive and negative numbers even though I only made a single negative adjustment. (I'm trying to see a simple list of the quantity adjustments by day, but it's displaying three lines for a single quantity adjustment.) And I'm afraid the post corrupted my link to my photo, so I just figured out that I can paste it:


For a single entry, say, entry number 1535, it shows three lines of data in the report. One has -3, one has positive 3, then another -3. There is only one entry: 1535 for -3, but it shows three lines in the report. It makes it difficult to see daily sales because I have to look through and visually pick out a single negative from the three lines, where two of the lines (as far as I'm concerned) shouldn't be there at all. In the case where I have a return and put three back into inventory (+3), I'd have two positives and one negative. So being able to see which days are positive and which are negative would be a very difficult task. 

(FYI, You see rates of $0 because I use QB to track inventory quantities, not costs.)


If I delete the entry and make it again, it will just do the same thing, and it always has. I've got entries almost every day for two years, so deleting and remaking every single entry wouldn't be possible anyway. I've just been getting really tired of looking at it this way and wonder if there's another report feature I've been missing to make it show the entries properly.


Hopefully that's clearer. 



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