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I can share some more information about the data on a product quick report, @ArtanisHome,


When you run a report in the Products and Services page, it will give you the details of each entry for a selected item. This means that. the posting accounts from the transaction journal will reflect there.


There are specific accounts that is affected by the quantity adjustment. This includes, Inventory Asset, Inventory Shrinkage and Cost of Goods Sold. This is the reason why you will see multiple entries there for a single adjustment.


Refer to the screenshots for reference:


1. Adjustment entry


2. How it looks on the report:


3. Transaction Journal of the entry:



If you only want to see one line for the adjustment, you can export the report to an Excel worksheet. Once exported, you can now make changes to the rows or columns of the entries. Here's how:


If you have any additional concerns, I'm always available for help. Leave a message below so I can help you further. Have a good one!

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