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Thanks for trying but all of that has been done many times.  In addition my password has been reset probably 4 times.  I have had my account deleted and reinstalled although that didn't work real well as I had a ghost account so QB couldn't  reinstall as it thought I already already had access.  Had to set up a bogus email account and gave it access so I could work.  Two or three weeks ago one of QB's tech's finally figured out how to change my access back to my real account and deactivate my bogus login.  And now after almost 2 months of this issue I believe Pam finally got Tier II support to take a look.  Received an email on 11/11/20 stating that they were working on and will get back to me.  Anther two hours going through everything I have been told to do and on the phone before magically QB gave me access.  This is an issue that is two months old, has not been fixed and is keeping the owner (he has the same problem) and myself from doing any financial work for our company.  At this point I have to ask myself why we even are using QB if we have interrupted access on a continuing basis!!

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