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Does doing what you just said to leave a message, get a message to a Tier I support team member.  If that is the case, then it would be waste of time on my part.  Between 9/10 and 10/22, a quick review of my phone bills show over 9 hours on the phone during 12 phone calls to Tier I support.  Not until 11/11 did any of the 10+ support members (I didn't write all their names down) I talked to say they were going to bump my issue up to Tier II.  Tier II sent me a message saying they opened a ticket (which Quote states "OUR SYSTEM WILL AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE THIS TICKET TODAY") saying they were working on the issue.  Since I haven't heard back I can only assume that the ticket was closed and nothing was done as I was on the phone yesterday with Kim for two hours with the same issue.  From my perspective it appears QB really doesn't give a D...!!  

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