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Upgrade my plan turns into NIGHTMARE. Lost 2 years of Data!

Hi there,
Just wanted to put my case out there so it serves as a warning.

I have been using QB self-employed and honestly, I was very happy about the way it worked and how it helped me manage the financials of my business.
I am myself a young sole-proprietor entrepreneur operating under an investment VISA in the US. I am in the process of renewing my status right now and need to present all this report (P&L, Invoices...) to the US immigration department so I can keep operating and my business can stay open.

One of the reports that I need is the Balance sheets, and QB Self-Employed doesn't offer that, so I Thought it was a smart idea to upgrade my plan in order to be able to generate balance sheets and have this report for renewing my immigrations status.

What I thought it was the solution QB ended up turning into a nightmare. It looked like it was going to be a smooth process; it asked me if I wanted to keep my data or start fresh and of course I chose the option of keeping my data.
My surprise is when I get the upgrade done, I go to transactions and nothing is showing. Same with Invoices, all the invoices generated for the past 2 years are ALL DATA FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS IS GONE FOR GOOD!
I have contacted support 3 times, but they do not give you any solution. It is a surprise that they are supposed to transfer your data, none of it gets transferred and yet they do not keep a backup of anything. All vanished!

Please do not trust QB on keeping your info. If you can please use other options or at least make sure you store the data in your local PC.

Hope this serves as a warning and any of you are put in this same spot in the future

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