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It's nice to have you back, @TDavisFSBDC.


At this time, being able to pull up a report which is specific to projects isn't available. The steps shared by Angelyn_T above is the option where you can select the customer's projects in QuickBooks Online.


However, you can export the report above and export it to Excel. This way, you'll be able to have the list and the details of all the projects that you have. Just click on the export button at the top of the report and select Export to Excel


To give you more insights regarding the different types of reports that you can pull up in QuickBooks Online, please see this link: Learn which reports are available for your version of QuickBooks Online.


Know that our developers are constantly working and considering new features to be added to the program. This way, we can cope with your business needs.


You can always visit our QuickBooks Online Blog site to be updated with our product road-maps.


I'll be around to help if there's anything else that I can assist you with. Have a good one!

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