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Yes, I got that E-mail, and saved it for when I had a couple hours to waste!  So I read the "community article" linked in the e-mail about how to confirm your User ID.  I have never gotten the popup that is supposed to guide me through the process.  So, even though we are set to receive automatic updates, I manually  attempted to update my 2017 QB Accountant's Desktop to the latest release (not a new QB year) which was also recommended in that email.  After doing that, then closing and opening QB a few times to make sure there was no update left unapplied, I still get no popup guide.  Without the popup guide, I don't see any other way to perform this verification process.  I'm suppose the QB Team will advise me to call Merchant Services, which is going to make me lose another two productive hours into the black hole QB calls customer service.


Furthermore, to the other innocent posters, each annual version of QB is good for 3 years before we are forced to update, because of the Payroll Module, so I feel sorry for you people that got suckered into buying a new version.

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