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Yes have used QB for 7 or 8 years, had begun the move to online...while uising 2015 desk Pro, while working on estimate, i get kick off...ok no worries try t o sign back in...wrng password...ok hit forgot password...normally it would got to 'secret question" but must have tried to many times...ok..go to info page...license #...says incorrect info??? call support number...they entire pupose is to sell...informed UNLESS I PAY $499.00 I can not get access to even view my account!!! software is on my desktop...paid for...but QB seems to be holding my client info hostage unless I pay $499.00 this came with no emails or wanrings...I have been getting msg "what new with QB' and then this. $499.00 to trasfer account  from one QB account to another QB account...same thats GANGSTER! 

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