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Re: Locked out of Quickbooks

Critical Internet Explorer update needed

To provide greater security and stability, all connections used by Quick Books Desktop to access Intuit services will need to meet certain system requirements after May 31, 2018. Make sure your Internet Explorer uses TLS 1.2 to keep features like Payroll, Online Banking, and Payments working.

To learn more about this, see Operating System, Internet Explorer and .Net framework requirements for Quick Books Desktop 2016 and....


This link won't help me. I have a QB Pro 2014.  I knew it wouldn't be supported after June 2018 but I failed to remove the password protection before then.  Sept. 24 '18 I had a pop up to update my password -- since it had been over 90 days since I last updated it ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(standard stuff) Not thinking this through ahead of time I changed my password, but it wasn't changed. Forgot what the old one was (I erased it and wrote the new one over the area). Now I am completely locked out.  This is just a "virtual file cabinet" for me for over 1,000 clients past records. Please help me get back in and then I can take the password protection off for future needs. I do not need to upgrade.


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