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That's why in your P&L report you do not select home expense.  But when you have a son who is a Dentist, who likes to pay for business expenses out of his personal account, as well as his personal purchases you have to get creative.  This is despite my pleading that he keeps things separately.  "Dad, I'm not writing two separate checks, one personal and one business, that's stupid."

So when he goes to Walgreens and pays for his RX for allergy medicine which is not a deductible expense, and then on the same check also buys gauze and other medical supplies for his office, which is a deductible expense, I have to deal with that.

You set up two accounts in Quickbooks, one is Office Supplies the other is Home or personal expense.  Then you take that check and do a split assigning the correct amount to each account.  The P&L shows the legitimate deduction of the office supplies, but you do not configure the P&L report to show the HOME or Personal expense.  And that is how I deal with that.

Dr. Greg

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