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Use a barter account for a customer that is also a vendor

I have a customer that buys product from me all the time.

They pay me once a month by electronic transfer.


This customer is also a vendor of mine, bu they buy much more from me than I do from them.

So, when they make the electrionic transfer to me each month they off set the amount I owe them and then electronic tranfer the net amount to me. 


I see three possible ways to record this in QB Pro Desktop 2018 for this and I would like some advice on which is the best choice.


1-Create a bill from my customer and then pay it by offset againt one of my invoices to my customer.  Is is possible to do this.


2-Set up my customer also as a vendor, but I would like some guidance on how to offsit my A/P to them against my A/R from this customer. 


3-Create a negative sales invoice (if that is possible) to my customer for the monthly offset amount then mark itr paid.


Thank you!


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