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Re: I have a Customer that is also a vendor and we offset AR and AP, QB Pro Desktop 2018

Hi lynda,

I understand the work flow, but I cannot seem to get my QB Pro 2018 dekstop to make this happpen.  I will explain.

Perhaps there is a configuration setting I am nmissing somewhere.


I have a bank account account that mirros my actyual bank acount

I have an account called undeposited funds

I also have an account call Clearing/barter account


It seems that when I create a customer and enter an invoice and receive the payment the cash posts to the undeposited Funds account.


Then I mark  the cash as deposited, and it posts to my actual bank account and is removed from the undeposited Funds account.



For this barter customer/vendor how do make it default to get the funds to be received into it and then then have them deposited into my actual bank account.

In othe words, receive cash for this custoemr only the cash needs to map to the  undeposited Funds account.


And, when I deposit this cash it needs to map to theactual bank account.


Or, this reciet of cash could bypass the undeposited Funds account. and just map to the actual cash bank account.

I believe onece I get this receipt problem solved that pay th eemxpens will a follow a similar approach


Thank you for your time!


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