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Re: License Ownership/Upgrading to 2019

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately for me, they want six of us to concurrently run the same program. Their first idea was to gain access to our server and open the data file from "the back door". I threw a fit. It was explained to me that this is harmless, that only information flows out like a water bucket pouring out water and that nobody could do anything to my files. I told them if they do that, I will quit.

I suggested they purchase a stand-alone version of the program and I would send my data back-up NIGHTLY, but I was told it would take 3 - 5 minutes to restore that back-up every day. That adds up (in THEIR calculation) to half hour a month - too much time wasted. Mmmmmmk. *handsintheair* I am at a total loss.

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