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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious...

I am moving my clients back to desktop, definitely not using any QB payroll product as almost any outside provider is better, and back to remote login.  Essentially like I operated 10 years ago.  But it puts me and my client (you know, the kind folks paying the bill) back in control.  As we should be.  


Intuit acts like they own our books and they know better than we do.  The lack of respect I am shown stuns me each time.  They speak to me like I've never done accounting before, much less for 25 years.  When I phone in for help, to clean up something over which I have no control but should have all control, I'm "helped" by fools who do not know an asset account from an expense account.  They tell me to post a fix without understanding I'm moving a problem from the P&L to the Balance Sheet.  I can see the problem before I even post it, but that's their only recommendation.  And this little gem of "help" takes 30 minutes, because the folks answering the phones are apparently helping 20 of us at a time.


Thanks for that vote of confidence in the very people who have been selling your product for you for the last ten years.  You treat us like fools, we'll jump ship.  Not that Intuit cares one whit, as there's always new fools walking up the dock.  It's a software business, based on volume.  Think Big Mac, and you get where Intuit is going.


Don't even get me started on the text "help" conversation I had that insisted I have a "blessed day."  It appears I have no right to expect a secular experience when I ask for help.  "AJ" just shoves that right down my throat like we're sitting together at church, and when I point out that it's highly inappropriate in a business setting, he states, "That's my normal good bye to all clients."  Well, thanks, buddy.  What you do "normally," even if highly inappropriate, apparently carries more weight than respecting the rights of the client paying your paycheck.


Yeah.  I'm cranky.  Got the QBO flu.  It starts with a big headache and only gets worse.