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Hello @BigBillFL:


@lyndaand Matthew @parkwayinc here to help you with a short video on how you can delete a duplicated bank account created by your client with a bank feed download to Desktop QuickBooks.

Note, you would need the Accountant's version of QuickBooks to perform this task.   Basically, you have a few options:


1 . Go to accountant (top toolbar) Batch Delete/Void transactions.  Make sure you select only the ones from the exact bank account (sort by account) and select them>delete them.

2.  You could merge the two bank accounts.  Make sure you merge the new one into the old one.

3.  You can manually (and this is the painful way) delete them one at a time (like 4 clicks).


As with all of the suggestions above (and demonstrated in our video) you need to BACKUP your data file before choosing any of these methods.


We hope this helps, if not, feel free to reach out to us with more questions.  We are here to help you!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Matthew and Lynda

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