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Hi there, 


Good job on using the new Receipts feature in QuickBooks. I'll be happy to assist you with answering your question.


Once your receipts are in QuickBooks, they show up under For Review in the Receipts tab. From here you can select the row to have a side-by-side view of the receipt you sent and the data we extracted. You can also:


  •     Select Review to edit the extracted information for the receipt. If there are multiple matches, selecting Review will allow you to choose the match you want.
  •     Select Add if you want to create a new expense in QuickBooks with the receipt attached.
  •     Select Match if you’re ready to match the receipt with an existing record in QuickBooks. Note that if an imported banking transaction and a receipt are both in For Review, QuickBooks won’t suggest a match until you select Add for one of them.                              

I encourage you to learn more about adding and matching downloaded transactions using this link here. Feel free to ask other questions. I'll be here to help.