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Match Transactions Using Check Numbers First


After syncing transactions between my bank and Quickbooks Online (QBO), I have to manually match cashed checks to checks recorded in QBO. No big deal, however, QBO matches a Check recorded by my bank to Bills instead of matching it to a Check/Bill Payment(Check) with the same check number and amount.


For example:

Check #12345 in the amount of $100 is recorded by my bank and is matched by QBO to three records for review, that would be Bill #114343, Bill #114456, and Bill #114563. All three for the same amount as Check #12345. I then have to click on "Find other records" and enter the check number to search for Bill Payment(Check) #12345 to match the proper record/transaction. Why would QBO match multiple Bills before matching a Check or Bill Payment (Check) with the same dollar amount?


I have to do this for hundreds of checks and is a big waste of time. It would seem rather intuitive for QBO to try and match a check number from my bank to a check number in QBO FIRST. If QBO cannot find a check number from my bank to match a check in QBO, the matching algorithm should THEN start guessing against other items such as Bills. So this leads me to believe that either a setting needs to be changed in QBO or I'm doing something wrong???