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Re: I think there is a bug in my reconciliation register. How can I resolve the issue of previous...

Hello! I am having this issue as well. When I tried to reconcile for March 2019, a deposit from November of 2017 showed up!! After 4 days of reading (and attempting) almost every fix in this thread, nothing has worked.  The only option I have not tried was the "exclude" transaction, as I cannot seem to locate this option in Quickbooks Desktop. I was able to track down the date this 'magically reappeared' in my Reconciliation Screen. It was the day after I successfully completed January Reconciliation. If I restore the back-up from that day, it's all is good. But, if I restore the back-up from the following day (02/15/19) it's wrong. I've spent so much time on this already, I simply cannot recreate every transaction since 02/14/19.  Please help!! 

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