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Here’s what I ended up doing: I contacted QBO customer s...

Here’s what I ended up doing:

I contacted QBO customer service via phone and we ended up completely disconnecting and deleting cards 2 and 3 from my Chart of Accounts. (We do not use these cards as often so this is why I wasn’t worried about this procedure.

Before we deleted, I made sure both cards had been zeroed out and showed no transactions or balances. Originally, they told me I would have to sign in on Chase Online and download the transactions from those two accounts in a file and then upload directly to Card 1’s account. I was planning on doing this at the end of each month before I made my payment, but what I’ve found is that all transactions now show up on my Main Chase Account in QBO (Card 1.)

This has completely solved my issue, the only difference is now you don’t necessarily see who made what purchase in QBO, but you can easily see it in Chase Online if you need to know. Hope this helps

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