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CSV file import error

Every month I import 4 csv files (credit card statements) into Quickbooks (Windows desktop or Online - I've tried both).  About a week or two ago it's decided to give me this error; Error while reading the file. Verify that file type is CSV.


Last time I resaved the file to be CSV for DOS and that seemed to do the trick and now nothing works.  I'm getting super frustrated.  I've done a bunch of searching but all of the results have to do with formatting. I've been doing it this way for ages with no issue so it's not a formatting issue.  Regardless, I followed all of the rules and it still didn't work.  


I'm under a big deadline and I'd really rather not have to do all of the transactions manually.


EDIT: It appears that saving the file to xls then back to csv works?  Not exactly acceptable but at least I can get my work done. I really hope there's a real fix soon.



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