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Re-Import Web Connect File Issue

I am having no problem importing Web Connect files. I even chose to import the CSV files my bank provides because it includes both the Transaction and Post date, where the QBO file only includes the Post date (this means my Quickbooks won't match the dates on the statements) – then I use a 3rd party tool to convert from CSV to QBO.
Where I am having a problem is if I want to reimport a file. For example:

1. I import the month of March and it goes well
2. For whatever reason, I notice an issue so I manually delete all the transactions that were just imported
3. Now if I try to re-import the same file, the transaction won't show up

The only solution I have found is to delete the account by deleting everything entered, then deleting the account, and recreating it by reconnecting to the bank and then doing the import again.
Obviously this won't work once I have a baseline of data that I don't want to delete.
What is the best way to resolve?
Many thanks.


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