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I don't think I explained myself well enough based on your reply – I am 99.99% sure this is not a file related issue.

Let me take another crack at explaining the issue:


  • I import a QBO file into an Account
  • then, from the Bank Feeds screen, I select the Account I imported into and click the View Transactions button (or whatever it says)
  • then, I am presented with a screen that shows me all the imported transactions (some are auto filtered results based on existing rules and new items require the creation of a rule or choosing Ignore)
  • lets say I ignore 2 out of 10 displayed transactions (which means I approved 8 that then make there way into the Account register)
  • then I delete those 8
  • then I try to re-import the same QBO file
  • it won't show me the 8 I just deleted – instead it will only show me the 2 I ignored

Its as if those 8 transactions are stored somewhere and cannot be re-imported until I delete and re-create the Account.


Does this make more sense?

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